Falmouth Volunteers In Public Schools (VIPS) was initiated in 1982 as a way to increase interaction between the public schools and the community of Falmouth, Massachusetts. Today, VIPS has grown from eight volunteers at Falmouth High School to over 1,000 volunteers in all seven schools. VIPS.

  • provides the schools with an organized, reliable volunteer corps whose collective talents, time, and energy supplement and enrich the curriculum
  • volunteers log approximately 40,000 hours each year in support of the students, faculty, administration, and the community
  • is supported by local businesses whose contributions include sponsorship of events, tax-deductible contributions, donations of auction and raffle items, and employee release time or support for employee volunteers
  • is a nonprofit organization overseen by a volunteer board of advisors, with a director and administrative assistant employed by Falmouth Public Schools
  • is represented on its board of advisors by local organizations, businesses, and community members with an interest in public education in Falmouth; these individuals help promote the need for and benefits of volunteering and work to raise funds that support school-based programming.

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VIPS is a 501(c)(3) organization and your contributions are tax-deductible.